Our Mission


Provide fun and interactive ecofriendly activities for children through simulative participation. We believe that enhancing children’s perception and connection with the ecosystem will promote positive behavior on environmental issues in the future.


Cultivate a generation of environmental leaders by building a sense of unity and connection with nature.

Outdoor Education

At ArtyScience, we believe in the transformative power of teaching children in the great outdoors. Our approach integrates immersive outdoor experiences to enhance focus, accommodate diverse learning styles, foster cooperative learning and social interaction, improve physical and mental health, nurture creativity, and instill a deep appreciation for the natural world. By immersing children in nature, we create an environment that not only enhances academic success but also promotes holistic development, social skills, and overall well-being, making outdoor learning an essential and enriching part of the educational journey at ArtyScience.


Educating children about the environment and the impact they have on their surrounding is a first step of sustainable development. We believe that the young generations need to re-establish the connection with the ecosystem, in order to become environmental advocates in the future. Creating green mindset begins at a very young age, and if the children are taught to appreciate nature and every living thing, they will grow to care for earth and its resources.