Our Team

ArtyScience has been fortunate over the years to have a dedicated and passionate team members. Our team are not only passionate about working in nature, they are also trained to lead in outdoor setting, and skilled to work with children of different ages. They are committed to apply ArtyScience values nurturing kindness, fairness, and respect as well as enhancing children’s learning and growth through collaborative and engaging activities led in outdoor settings.

Meet Our Team

Dunia ELmasry

I believe that education should not be limited to textbooks, smart boards, and closed classrooms. There's so much that children can learn outdoors, in the wild, in nature. When they touch, smell and feel things that they study about, learning becomes more memorable and meaningful. Children are inevitably getting disconnected from nature as a result of the high-tech life style we are encountering. I hope that through my work at ArtyScience I can help children develop a sense of appreciation, belonging and caring for the environment, and stimulate their sense of wonder about this universe, and that's what 'science' is all about.

Founder and managing director ArtyScience

BSc of Science, Biology
The American University in Cairo 2005
MSc Infectious Diseases University of London -UK 2014

Ahmed Abdel Mohsen

ArtyScience has taught me so much about the value of hard work, patience, and the beauty of the natural world. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with the next generation.

Assistant to Manager at ArtyScience

Graduate of Science , Chemistry & Zoology, Cairo University 2019

Yasmine Elzanaty

Witnessing the genuine curiosity ignited in the younger generation is a remarkable experience at Artyscience that I will always cherish.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Graduate of Faculty of Law - English section Ain Shams University 2019

Maram Mahdy

Working with students at Artyscience is a truly enriching experience to me. Observing their interaction with living things, plants, seeds, and how they explore nature is incredibly rewarding.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Students at Faculty of mass communication,Cairo university

Eman Sadek

Being a part of ArtyScience team made me more passionate about the environment and working with kids.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Student Mass communication at 6th October University

Kawthar Serour

Working in Artyscience has been a thrilling and a wonderful experience. Watching the kids discover their adventurous side, explore nature and engage in outdoorsy activities is always the highlight of my day in every trip we have. I find our trips to be the perfect balance between informative and fun ! I hope every kid get to experience it at least once.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Graduate of Faculty of Dentistry – MIU ‘22

Layla Nassar

Working with Arty Science has instilled in me the belief in the importance of reconnecting children with nature. The difference that hands-on activities and exposure can have on creating kids who are in love with nature and will later become responsible stewards of it. I also see how much nature can impact children themselves, creating happy, peaceful, sound children. Being a part of building this rich two sided relationship is a true privilege.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Student at Faculty of Science, Biology - AUC

Farida Elkhouly

I consider myself pretty blessed that ARTYSCIENCE has fallen into my journey. The serenity and joy of being among creative children within nature learning and having fun, his experience by far has allowed me to learn, explore and improve.

Activity leader at ArtyScience

Graduate of Faculty of Engineering Ain Shams University 2022