Students engage in a diverse hands-on activity program that combines learning with excitement. From exploring the farm’s various attractions to participating in edutaining activities about agriculture, planting, harvesting cooking, green arts, nature games and much more.

Our school field trips to the farm offer children an unforgettable and fun-filled experience immersed in nature.

Educational & Fun

ArtyScience Field trips are well known provide a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable insights into food sources, plant and animal kingdoms, ecosystems conservation and biodiversity. Through interactive experiences and exposure to the natural world, students not only have a great time but also develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

Restore balance. Most kids have technology, school and extracurricular activities covered. It’s time to add a pinch of adventure, a sprinkle of sunshine and a big handful of outdoor play

Penny Whitehouse


Field trips reservation starts from September to June.

Group trips reservation available in Christmas Break, Spring Break and Summer vacation.

Themed trip programs are available upon school request to meet class curriculum learning objectives, via hands-on fun application.